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About Us

At Sunco, our passion is to make business communication easier for our clients.

We are your trusted independent business telecom and managed IT systems integrator, with more than 20 years of experience helping companies get more from their telecommunications and IT services. Our focus on becoming a long-term strategic partner to each of our clients is second to none.

We help clients of all sizes find areas of cost savings, increased protection and improved performance. Our experience with both the fundamental and cutting-edge of business communications and managed IT services allow us to work with businesses to determine the best solutions to support their ongoing success and provide added peace of mind.

From everyday business telecom services to implementing fully managed, customized cloud, networking and security solutions that can scale as a business grows, we help our clients identify, adopt and implement the secure, flexible, scalable and personalized services they need to succeed. And we deliver high-quality, integrated business communications and managed IT solutions with the employee-level commitment and collaborative approach every client relationship deserves.

Find out what it’s like to work with a systems integrator that’s committed to being a strategic partner.


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